Every 12 hours, a woman dies from pregnancy-related causes.

Prediction and

Prevention of Miscarriage

A miscarriage also called spontaneous abortion, is the event of loss of a fetus before 20 weeks of pregnancy. About 15-20% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage.

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As Vivek Thangaswamy says...

Every woman is a priceless divine gift when she becomes a daughter; Every woman becomes a God – a manifestation of divinity itself when she becomes a mother.

Venkata Narasimham Peri

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Early Detect Studios 

Listen to this episode to know about Maternal and Infant health crisis in the USA, the importance of data in healthcare systems, technology - deep learning and AI, Early detection of diseases and the future plans of March of Dimes. 

This episode features Dr. Rahul Gupta, SVP and Chief Medical and Health Officer at March of Dimes in conversation with Venkata N. Peri, the founder and CEO of CognitiveCare.

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